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Episode 1: Focus, Priorities and Outcomes

Updated: Oct 1, 2021

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Accomplishing your goals comes down to where you place your focus and what you prioritize each day/week/month. If you want to start crushing your goals it’s time to take control of your focus and priorities. In this episode we will give you the steps to identify what you are prioritizing now, identify what you want to prioritize or accomplish and how to start creating that change!

Worksheets from today's episode:

daily-weekly-monthly priority chart
Download PDF • 138KB

identity and value chart
Download PDF • 90KB


· 0:36 Cherokee wisdom tale

· 2:17 Defining priorities

· 4:50 Task – Worksheet idea for Daily, Weekly, Monthly Priority Identification

· 6:50 What do you want to prioritize and do you need to add/remove/change anything?

· 13:40 Small changes – habits stick when…

· 14:52 Low Hanging Fruit

· 16:20 Big Kahuna

· 17:55 Self talk – how do you define yourself?

· 19:01 Discussing what are your current values and how to identify

· 20:51 How do I change? What is the one thing you can do?

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