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Chilren During Physical Education Lesson

School Educational Programming

Educational programming focused on physical literacy, mindfulness, movement, nutrition and most of all ... having FUN!

We offer a variety of educational programs in schools and virtually for children in grades K to 12. From physical literacy to mindfulness and yoga to nutrition concepts, basic body mechanics, sports/athletic performance, and so much more!

We also offer programming for educational staff to learn de-stressing techniques, healthy nutrition concepts, and skills they can use in their classrooms.

We have visited many schools and done nutrition seminars, taught children about proper form when lifting in a gym, worked on athletic performance, taught yoga and mindfulness practices, and we have been working with the My Path Program in Parkland County. We have also written Body Mechanics and Movement Pattern Curriculum for Grades K-9.

If you are interested in having us come out to your school or work with us, please contact us for more information!
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