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Episode 62: Redefining Ourselves

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In today’s episode, we talk all about redefining the person that we want to be. We only get to have one chance at this beautiful life and today we go over how changing the stories that we tell ourselves can play into defining the type of person we can be, as well as determining what success means to us in our lives. Timestamps: · 1:00 – Life is a choose your own adventure book (Episode 8: The Story We Tell Ourselves) · 3:46 – Shadow work · 5:45 – I get to define who I want to be · 7:49 – How we determine success with our outcome · 12:20 – Our words hold power Dr.Emoto’s Water Experiment (Episode 2: The Power of the mind) · 14:58 – Thoughts hold power · 18:09 – Vibration and the story we tell ourselves · 19:00 – Burning the boats · 21:45 – Cultivating your ideal life Connect with us: Email : website: @ironbodycoaches on Facebook or @ironbodycoachon Instagram

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