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Episode 58: F*ck It Moments

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In today’s episode, we talk about F*ck it moments. We’ve all been there, we set some audacious new goals and right off the start we are super excited and driven to hit the goals…Then slowly but surely life happens, and as we begin to get further from the start of our journey we start to say f*ck it, and stray from our goals. Today we talk about why this happens in the first place and how to effectively recover after we have these moments.


· 0:50 – What is a f*ck it moment

· 2:50 – We learn the most about ourselves when we stumble and fall

· 6:45 – The levels of F*ck it

· 12:45 – We’re all creatures of habit

· 17:53 – How to come out of a f*ck it moment

· 28:51 – Striving for 1% better

· 31:30 – Learning to pivot

· 33:10 – Learning to identify our f*ck it moments

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