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Episode 56: Results and Self-Sabotage

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In today’s episode, we talk all about getting results and the ways we can self-sabotage ourselves on our way towards our goals. When we set new goals for ourselves, typically we start out very excited and push hard for those goals. After the initial excitement wears off, we start to have doubts and thoughts about whether we can succeed, this is where the sabotage begins. Check out today’s episode to help identify these behaviours and how to work past them.


· 2:24 – Weight loss and the refeed

· 4:54 – How long does it take to lose weight

· 11:48 – How long does it take to gain muscle

· 14:05 – Body recomposition time frame

· 15:30 – Training routines and progression through workouts

· 21:35 – What can self-sabotage look like in our workouts

· 25:10 – What does self-sabotage really look like

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