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Episode 5: Physical Activity

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Do you remember the old Body Break commercials from the ‘90s? Physical activity is so very important to our overall health and well-being, yet many of us barely meet the minimum guidelines to actually see the health benefits we desire. In today’s episode we discuss what the physical activity guidelines are for adults and children, how to calculate your heart rate zone for activity, activities that add to our daily calorie expenditure, how to find joy in exercise, and the benefits to getting physically active. Let’s start this journey into improving our physical health together!


· 0:58 – Canadian Physical Activity Guidelines for Adults

· 1:34 – Canadian Physical Activity Guidelines for Children

· 3:36 – How to calculate your heart rate max (HRmax)

· 4:33 – Fat Burning Zone

· 7:35 – Where to start with getting active

· 10:35 – NEAT (non-exercise activity thermogenesis)

· 12:14 – Building blocks – What are you willing to do? What is the story you tell yourself? How do you define yourself?

· 15:28 – Do what you enjoy! We are unique people!

· 17:35 – Benefits to physical activity

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