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Episode 48: Habit Stacking

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In today’s episode, Kaila and Mike sit down to talk about creating habits. At first thought creating habits sounds easy, but if it were easy then everybody would be wildly successful all of the time. Today we break down how to create habits that are more likely to stick, as well as ways that are proven to create long-lasting habits and routines.


· 1:34 – Is your why strong enough

· 3:50 – Strengthening your relationship and belief in self

· 6:35 – Taking aligned action towards our goals

· 8:00 – Maybe the habits that you want easy, and the ones you don’t want hard

· 16:00 – Getting clear on our goals to create habits

· 18:43 – Low hanging fruit vs the big kahuna

· 22:08 – Setting up our environment for success

· 25:16 – How to make starting successful habits easier

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