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Episode 47: Emotional Intelligence with Stepanka

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In today’s episode, we sit down with hypnotherapist, emotional freedom technique, and neuro-linguistic programming practitioner Stepanka Kuralova. Stepanka is a clinical hypnotherapist and women’s guide who works with clients from all around the world and helps them reclaim their power, confidence, and inner glow. She specializes in helping her clients overcome fears, insecurities, and anxiety that hold them back from following their desires and feeling magnetic. Today we take a deep dive into Emotional Intelligence.


· 0:20 – Introduction of Stepanka

· 1:40 – How can emotional intelligence help us

· 10:15 – Setting boundaries and limits with our emotions

· 16:09 – People who keep themselves too busy to process emotions

· 17:30 – Being present in our bodies

· 24:45 – How to move forward from emotional experiences

· 29:04 – Where is a good place to start building emotional intelligence

· 35:00 – Learning to balance and feel both positive and negative emotions

· 39:20 – The language that we choose to use is powerful

· 43:25 – Feeling safety is a key to emotional intelligence

· 47:10 – When positive affirmations feel true they serve us better

· 52:00 – Life is all about the journey not just the destination

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