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Episode 46: Eating for Our Goals

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In today’s episode, we talk about what it looks like to eat for our goals. Eating seems simple enough, but once we have goals set and in mind, it can change how our eating looks. Whether your goals are weight loss, building muscle, or just eating for general health how we consume our calories plays into all of it.


· 1:30 – Getting crystal clear on our goals

· 3:40 – Hunger comes with a calorie deficit

· 6:12 – Weight loss eating vs eating for general health

· 9:06 – Eating for building muscle

· 12:46 – What happens when we under or over-consume food

· 18:34 – The power of choice - we get to choose our food for our goals

· 22:28 – Checking in with ourselves and our goals

· 24:10 – Habits and behaviors

· 26:40 – Tracking our success honestly

· 29:38 – Do your food choices support your goals

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