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Episode 43: Why You Aren't Getting Your Weight Loss Results

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In today’s episode, we talk about why what you have been doing to achieve weight-loss until this point may not be working for you. We go over calorie deficits, maintenance calories, how food choices can affect our goals and so much more.


· 0:45 – What are we looking for?

· 2:45 – There is no magic pill for success

· 4:30 – Learning all about maintenance calories

· 6:50 – Weight-loss is not linear

· 10:09 – What is the story we tell ourselves around our diets

· 14:25 – Can’t forget the sauces and add-ons!

· 18:20 – What about our physical activity?

· 21:20 – How does our stress level play into our success

· 26:13 – Can thyroid function affect weight-loss

· 28:32 – Hunger cues mean your body is starting to lose it

· 31:00 – Are you hungry or just thirsty

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