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Episode 41: Demystifying Hypnosis with Stepanka Kuralova

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In today’s episode, we sit down with hypnotherapist Stepanka Kuralova. Stepanka is a clinical hypnotherapist and women’s guide who works with clients from all around the world and helps them reclaim their power, confidence, and inner glow. She specializes in helping her clients overcome fears, insecurities and anxiety that hold them back from following their desires and feeling magnetic.


· 0:20 – Introduction of Stepanka

· 1:40 – Stepankas start in hypnotherapy

· 12:57 – What is hypnotherapy

· 20:42 – How do we begin to bring focus into our practice

· 23:42 – Who is hypnotherapy for?

· 30:29 – How does hypnosis help to bring change into our lives

· 37:07 – Is there anything that should be avoided during hypnotherapy?

· 42:34 – How many sessions does it take to start seeing benefits?

· 45:24 – Can hypnotherapy be done over zoom?

· 48:00 – Where people can find out more information about Stepanka

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