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Episode 38: Meeting Yourself With Where You Are At Today

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In today’s episode, we talk about meeting yourself with where you are at today. Too often people will start on a new journey and try to jump in with two feet. Changing everything at one time is usually a recipe for disaster. When we try to change too much too fast we can burn out and lose motivation, so today we talk about starting where we are today and making changes that will last.


· 0:31 – What does it mean to meet yourself where you are at?

· 5:00 – Laying the foundation for success; Small changes = Big results

· 8:58 – If you are going to make any change, make it as easy as possible

· 9:45 – Letting go of expectations and judgments

· 11:00 – Being honest with ourselves

· 13:25 – Our behaviour patterns

· 16:40 – Stepping into the best version of ourselves

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