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Episode 36: Metabolism & Chronic Dieting

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In today’s episode, we are talking about our metabolism and how chronic dieting affects it. We have all been on a diet at some point in our lives and the results can be amazing no doubt. The problem with dieting is when it becomes an all the time approach. Our bodies truly are amazing, and our metabolism is no slouch either. Check out today’s episode for some tips on getting our metabolism working for us.


· 0:40 – What is our metabolism

· 1:33 – What does it mean to have a down-regulated metabolism

· 5:50 – How and Why to re-feed after chronic dieting

· 9:35 – What happens if we do not re-feed our metabolism

· 14:40 – Re-feeds and diet breaks

· 17:40 – Women and their metabolism superpower

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