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Episode 35: Failure

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In today’s episode, we are talking about failure. Failure is one of the types of things that most people try not to bring attention to. The truth is that to be successful at a high level you need to fail because if you are not failing you are not pushing your own boundaries and pushing your potential. Today we dive into how to use our failures as an opportunity to grow.


· 1:00 – What happens when we fail

· 5:19 – Changing our perspective on “failure”

· 8:30 – Paradigm shift, life is learned on the journey not the destination

· 10:00 – We define our own success and failure

· 13:12 – Fail forward, learning to push our own limits

· 17:09 – Coming out of a failure

· 20:08 – The 5 facets of building resiliency around our failures

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