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Episode 33: Having Your Own Back with Rachel Shumway

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Today on the Iron Self Podcast we welcome Rachel Shumway! Rachel is an emotional resiliency coach that brings a ton of knowledge to our show today. We talk about how to build resiliency within each of us to live our best lives, and what it really means to have our own backs.


· 0:21 – Introduction of Rachel

· 2:00 – What does it mean to “have your own back”

· 5:41 – How can we step away from being people pleasers

· 10:48 – Starting to step into our discomfort

· 13:18 – How can we start to process our emotions

· 16:15 – Stepping out of emotions

· 22:46 – Steps to building resiliency, when we are not in a stress response

· 31:00 – How often should we practice emotional resiliency

· 32:54 – How can we identify and deal with triggers

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Connect with Rachel:


@Rachel.speaks.resilience on Instagram or @Rachelshumway on Facebook

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