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Episode 29: Making Choices Easier with Theresa Vermillion

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Today we have Theresa Vermillion on to talk with us about how to make our choices easier. Theresa uses personal empowerment coaching to guide women to end the struggle with overweight and overwhelm so they can have a Lighter Body and a Lighter Life. Her expertise comes from experience and knowledge in Education, Health, Personal Growth, Fitness and Life Coaching. Theresa has a degree in education along with multiple certifications in health and fitness. Today we talk about how to make our choices and decisions easier.


· 0:19 – Introduction of Theresa

· 2:08 – Why does shifting our emotions help us with making changes

· 7:00 – Feeling vs. looking good

· 9:00 – How to take back our power through our choices

· 11:25 – Our internal language reflects our external reality

· 14:30 – Finding comfort in our discomfort

· 22:05 – The journey vs. the destination

· 24:30 – G.L.O

· 42:10 – Sometimes we make life harder than it needs to be

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