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Episode 25: Rising to the Challenge with Christa Nicholson

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In today’s episode, we sit down to talk with Christa Nicholson. Christa is the Executive Director at Rustic Affairs Consulting, a self-improvement company that creates spaces and events for individuals to be inspired and empowered in their lives and make a difference for those around them. Today we are talking all about rising to the challenges of life.


· 0:24 – Introduction of Christa

· 2:43 – Looking at challenges as opportunities for growth

· 6:50 – Being kind to yourself

· 10:30 – Choosing what we allow into our lives

· 12:50 – The power of our choices and accepting responsibility

· 20:10 – Everything worth having takes time

· 25:33 – Celebrate all your wins; big or small

· 29:35 – Action steps to implementing change

· 41:33 – Recap of the 6 pillars for rising to any challenge

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