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Episode 17: Power and Speed

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In today’s episode we talk power and speed. Building these two attributes can help to build a solid base for athletes. Today we go over what power, strength, and speed are, as well as how to improve on these areas for any athlete.


· 0:50 – What is power and strength

· 2:14 – Why would someone need to improve their power

· 2:55 – Translating strength in the gym, to power in your sport

· 5:04 – How to test your baseline power

· 7:46 – How long does it take to see improvements with training

· 12:34 – Top exercises to improve power and strength

· 15:30 – Runners wanting to improve their speed and times

· 17:22 – HIIT vs MIIT

· 18:15 – Final thoughts and recap

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