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Episode 14: Post-Traumatic Growth with Shawn Meier

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In today’s episode, we sit down with Shawn Meier, the Clinic Director at Occutrauma and HealthWorx in Sherwood Park, Alberta. Shawn has over 20 years of experience dealing with Occupational Stress Injury with uniformed personnel and first responders. Today we talk about Post Traumatic Growth, the effects of prolonged stress and so much more.


· 0:20 – Introduction of Shawn Meier

· 2:05 – What is Post Traumatic Growth

· 5:30 – Effects of prolonged stress

· 14:20 – We are our own biggest critics

· 16:42 – Self-awareness

· 20:38 – Internalizers vs Externalizers

· 31:29 – People that need help but don’t want to ask for help

· 34:51 – What is the number one indicator of positive change

· 36:49 – “The Work” of true recovery

· 44:11 – How do you and your team deal with stressors?

· 50:52 – How to contact Shawn and Occutrauma

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