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Episode 12: "I Am A Warrior" with Jaide Izon

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In today’s episode we sit down with Jaide Izon, the owner of Root and Reboot. Jaide is is a registered Natural Health Practitioner, an Empowerment Coach, a Certified Hypnotherapist, a Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner, Meditation Teacher, Reflexologist & Chakra Therapist. She specializes in personal development programs, energy work, and trauma-informed approaches to empowerment. Today we take a dive into the inner workings of Shadow Work.


· 0:18 – Introduction of Jaide

· 1:10 – What exactly is Shadow Work?

· 3:30 – Our minds are built for survival, not comfort

· 7:57 – Why focus on Shadow Work to begin with

· 12:35 – How to start a journey into Shadow Work

· 18:20 – Incorporating somatic experiencing

· 21:40 – We are all Warriors

· 22:32 – How long is a journey into Shadow Work

· 34:15 – Self-love

· 36:20 – Self-care

· 40:15 – Jaide’s story

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Instagram: @jaide_izon

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