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Episode 28: Making Big Changes with Crystal Steers

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In today’s episode we sit down with Crystal Steers. Crystal has an educational background in Psychology, however after finishing school she realized that none of the career fields that she was trained for appealed to her, so she made some drastic changes in her life and opened Chasing Happiness. Now through one-to-one coaching, a podcast, book club and public speaking engagements Crystal is helping people to chase their dreams, regardless of where they find themselves in life. Today we talk about making some big changes in life!


· 0:19 - Introduction of Crystal

· 3:32 – The ability to take action

· 5:05 – Overcoming fear

· 10:25 – Being able to take risks in life

· 12:50 – Stepping outside of our comfort zones

· 18:20 – Everyone creates changes differently

· 20:00 – Building confidence to create change

· 26:12 – Small gradual changes create big results

· 34:30 – Learning lessons and adapting to challenges

· 35:50 – Living in positivity and belief in self

· 39:50 – The Paradigm shift ßLife is happening for us, not to us

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