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Episode 53: Next Level Progress and Results

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In today’s episode, we talk all about pushing ourselves into next level progression. Progression in our lives means that we are constantly moving forward. In our talk today we go over some amazing ways to push our progress faster and more efficiently in all aspects of our lives.


· 2:49 – Progression in our workouts

· 5:00 – Rate of perceived exertion and reps in reserve

· 8:15 – Tracking our workouts

· 11:16 – Progression in our nutrition

· 17:24 – Accepting our food choices and not dwelling on them

· 21:40 – Progress in our relationship with food

· 23:12 – Progressing our body composition

· 26:25 – How to see our body composition change

· 29:45 – Progression in our mindset

· 33:10 – Having a growth mindset is a lifelong journey

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