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Episode 51: How To Think with Sam Becker

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In today’s episode, we sit down with Sam Becker. Sam is born and raised in Los Angeles, California, is a Mindset Business Coach and creator of Entrepreneur With...After suffering through mindset issues of his own for 10+ years, he finally decided to make the ultimate changes necessary to "start" and create the life that he wanted most. Today, he teaches the exact process that took him from ‘anxious and feeling completely incapable,’ to a confident entrepreneur, ready to take on any challenge -big or small.


· 0:20 – Introduction of Sam

· 1:55 – What does “how to think” mean

· 4:15 – Relationships, communication, and perspective

· 10:00 – Shifting our perspective and emotions

· 17:45 – Finding comfort when diving into our thoughts

· 24:45 – Where do limiting beliefs come from

· 30:54 – Why did we choose to become entrepreneurs

· 36:30 – Fear of failure, What’s the worst thing that could happen?

· 40:00 – Learning opportunities, questioning thoughts and perspective

· 47:30 – Building trusting relationships

· 51:40 – Coming back to the present moment

· 55:30 – What do you nourish yourself with?

· 58:15 – Dedication, consistency, and body knowledge

· 1:00:18 – Finding Balance

· 1:03:00 – Creating our ideal lives

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