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Episode 45: Value of Hope with Nasyim Segal

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In today’s episode, we sit down with Nasyim Segal. Nasyim has been an ICF executive coach, real estate broker, numerologist, caregiver, backseat driver, balloon saleswoman, and pie maker. She lives in the Houston area with her spouse, dogs, an old cat, and mosquitos the size of small birds. As a coach who’s certified in behavioral neuroscience, she coaches Caregivers struggling with chronic stress. In today’s episode we talk about the value of hope.


· 0:20 – Introduction of Nasyim

· 3:02 – What is a long-lasting meaningful life

· 8:07 – The importance of building relationships with ourselves and others

· 13:20 – Comparison and judgment of self and others

· 15:38 – Our perception creates our reality

· 17:34 – Living our truth

· 20:26 – Fear vs hope

· 27:19 – What does community mean

· 29:00 – Intimacy in 2022

· 34:56 – Driven towards pleasure or driven away from fear

· 39:10 – States that can alter emotions and choices

· 49:50 – Setting intentions and shifting our perspective

· 52:01 – How do you want to be remembered

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Website: @nasyimsegal on Facebook

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