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Episode 2: The Power of the Mind

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Our mind is extremely powerful; what we believe and perceive become our reality. Today we discuss tips for improving our focus within our mind space to lead the life we truly desire. We discuss moving from a fixed to a growth mindset, adopting the law of attraction, finding empathy for ourselves, and moving into more positive thinking.


· 0:27 Recap previous episode on Focus, Priorities and Outcomes

· 2:28 Story of man with cancer who takes “magic” serum

· 4:19 The placebo effect

· 5:16 Hypnosis Study

· 7:20 Example of placebo effect from the book, The Body Keeps the Score by Bessel van der Kolk

· 9:46 The Law of Attraction

· 13:38 Inner Critic

· 14:40 Growth vs Fixed Mindset

· 16:18 Mike’s #1 tip for harnessing the power of your mind

· 18:09 Affirmations to bring you into the present moment

· 20:15 Kaila’s #1 tip for harnessing the power of your mind

· 21:38 Empathy for self and others

· 22:43 The power of positive thinking

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