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Step Into The Best Version Of Yourself

Your Coaches for the Journey

Coach Mike

Coach Kaila

What Is This Program All About?

When we set out to create the Iron Self Transformation Program the idea was simple; to build a world-class program that delivers amazing results every time. The result of this process has been tried and tested since its first launch in October 2021, and the results speak for themselves!! 

Tammy lost 21lbs in 3 months!! On top of just weight loss, she managed to drop a total of 13.5 inches!
Throughout the program, she learned the skills needed to maintain her success long-term. As well as bring her body out of chronic pain!

Andrea came to us saying that she has tried everything and never lost a pound. After re-feeding her metabolism, she was finally able to drop the weight she had always wanted to while eating more of the foods she loved than ever before!

Ashley started our program to learn how to increase her lean mass and lose fat while on a Vegan diet. After 3 months she was down 14 inches and 10 pounds, all while feeling stronger and more confident than ever!

What Is Included?

When we said this program has it all, we weren't kidding!! With this Life Changing Program you get:
  • Customized Workouts - We work with you and where you are at today to create workouts that are built just for you. We take into account your current activity level, what you have access to, as well as what you enjoy!
  • Custom Nutrition - Every person has unique dietary needs! When you choose to join us, we take a look at where your current dietary habits are. From this, we custom-tailor recommendations to help you create small sustainable changes to create massive success. 
  • Weekly Group Accountability - Each week we facilitate a group Zoom call, where we get to go over any sticking points you may be having that week, as well as receiving and giving support to other amazing people, just like you on this journey!
  • Weekly Feedback - Every week during the program you receive direct feedback on all aspects of your journey, helping guide you to the easiest path to success! 
  • Support From 2 Certified Coaches - Having 2 coaches going over your progress has been proven to help your success as each coach brings a unique perspective to help you push yourself to your potential!
  • Monthly Power Calls - Every month of the program, you get a 1-on-1 "Power Call" with one of your coaches!! These calls are dedicated to one thing, your success!! 
  • 24-Hour Support -  With our Iron Body Coaching App, you have your coaches at your fingertips! With our messaging center, you can send messages anytime you have a question! With audio, picture, and video messaging built-in, we have an app that has been built to support you every step of the way!

Jesse works a camp job in Northern Alberta. He came to us to gain strength and lose some body fat. He was able to lose 36 pounds, and almost 30 inches in 3 months!! All while still working a stressful job, and eating work camp meals!

Simon's goal was simple, to be able to gain mass and strength! In 3 months Simon was able to gain 15.6lbs and put on 6 inches overall! By focusing on proper nutrition and scheduling his workouts, he was able to achieve the success he wanted!

Still Not 100% Sure? Book A Call With One Of Our Coaches To Answer Any Questions You Have!
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