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Iron Self Transformation Program

Iron Self Transformation Program


This program has been designed to help build a new healthy set of habits over a period of time. Each week in the program we will be taking objective views of different aspects of our lives and taking a good look at ways in which we can create and optimize habits for our overall success. The program is broken into 2 - 3 month chunks, so you are only ever committed for 3 months at a time.


This program has been designed specifically for people that are looking for a radical improvement in their lives. 


Throughout the program, we will be taking deep dives into:


- Nutrition and customizations for our goals (custom macro calculations, etc)

- Evaluation of ourselves to create the path for our ideal life and overall growth

- Movement and stepping into a stronger, healthier version of ourselves

- Exercise assessments and customizations for our goals (custom workout or movement programs for you)

- Goal setting to structure a path to success

- Tearing down mental barriers and reframing to a growth mindset

- Cultivating happiness and joy in our lives

- Creating an authentic, confident, bold version of ourselves; stepping into our power

- Radical unconditional self-love

The program is delivered through our Iron Body Coaching App, which will house your weekly lessons, daily habits, workouts, as well as contain links to our Live weekly group calls. 

The weekly group calls will be conducted over Zoom. During the weekly group calls, we will be going over the self-work that has been assigned for the week. 


This program will be life-changing as we take a deep dive into the reality of who we are at our core. We will be customizing nutrition and exercise programs to help keep our body healthy along with our mind!

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