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Episode 73: Strength & Results

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In today’s episode, we take a look at building strength regardless of where your starting point is, and starting to truly get results! One of the biggest things we hear is that people struggle to know how to actually gain strength, in today’s episode we give you a ton of information about getting some real gains.


· 1:20 – What does it look like to start moving our bodies

· 4:15 – What is progressive overload and how does it work

· 9:55 – Strength training for health benefits

· 15:55 – Building our strength overall

· 18:38 – Building bigger muscles (Hypertrophy)

· 20:36 – How to increase our power output

· 25:30 – Training specifically for your craft

· 26:45 – Strength training for aesthetics

· 34:20 – Strength training and mobility

· 36:20 – Dynamic warm-ups and stretching

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