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Episode 21: All Things Self-Worth with Terra Dawn

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In today’s episode we sit down with Terra Dawn, the creator of the #SelfWorthProject. Terra is a Habit Transformation Coach and Certified Personal Trainer. In this episode we dive into self-worth, building a trusting relationship with ourselves and how to build your self-worth


· 0:19 – Introduction of Terra Dawn

· 1:32 – What is self-worth

· 3:55 – You can’t soar with the eagles when you keep flying with the crows

· 9:08 – The importance of being seen and heard

· 12:05 – The first steps of stepping into your own self-worth

· 18:27 – Claiming our self-worth is not just for ourselves

· 22:30 – Goal setting and our self-worth

· 26:08 – The issue of independence

· 29:54 – Building a trusting relationship with ourselves

· 34:20 – The inner critic vs. self-worth

· 43:40 – Putting in the work to get the most out of life

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@terradawn on Facebook and Instagram

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