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Episode 11: The Quest For Confidence

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In today’s episode we talk about the quest for confidence. Confidence is defined as “the feeling or belief that one can rely on someone or something: or firm trust”. This is something that everyone is on a journey towards throughout our lives. Today we talk about how our relationships effect confidence, confidence, and self compassion and so much more.


· 0:34 – Mike and Kaila’s stories around confidence

· 4:38 – Basic need for acceptance

· 5:06 – Relationships with ourselves and others

· 6:55 – Developing a trusting relationship with ourselves

· 9:30 – Conditional vs. unconditional self-acceptance and love

· 12:33 – Self compassion

· 18:21 – Self discipline and setting parameters on ourselves

· 21:29 – Kaila’s 2 questions to reflect on

Iron Self Podcast Quest for Confidence
Download PDF • 164KB

· 25:04 – Everybody questions their own confidence

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